4, Dec 2022
What is a WordPress site?

WordPress is the single most famous website administering platform. Different types of sites like e-commerce, affiliate website, news portal, etc, can easily be administered on WordPress.

Also, another amazing thing about WordPress is that it can be administered for free. No charge or fee needed to administer a website on WordPress.

Also, a free website can also be opened on a WordPress site. But any free website that would be opened on WordPress will include “WordPress” in its web address.

Why WordPress sites are the most popular

WordPress is the single most website administering platform. An estimate shows about 70% of the people of the website are using WordPress to administer their site.

WordPress is very easy to use

It is very easy to develop a website and design it on WordPress. No coding or programming language is needed to develop a WordPress website.

Also, many things like setting the menu bar, website designing can easily be done on WordPress.

WordPress is free

Another reason for the popularity of WordPress is that it is free. Many plugins can be found on WordPress for free. These plugins help to do various works of a website.

Also, if WordPress is compared to web administering services like Shopify; only then we can understand the reason for WordPress being so valued. Some packages on a website like Shopify take more than $100 a month. While the same thing can be done on WordPress for e-commerce sites for free.

Availability of Tutorials

There are thousands of tutorials available regarding running a WordPress website. These free or paid courses are very easy to learn. Anyone who had a basic knowledge of computers can learn it easily.

These tutorials had added to the popularity of WordPress. People can easily learn to administer websites on WordPress from these courses.

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