IT Sheba 24 Dot Com was established in 25, May 2020 to provide information technology solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Our mission from the very first day has been to cultivate professional relationships with our clients to provide effective and reliable information technology solutions for their needs. The team at IT Sheba 24 Dot Com is equipped with a highly developed skillset developed over decades of experience not only in information technology but also in business processes across a range of industry sectors. This business experience makes us uniquely positioned to offer solutions promising greater operational efficiency, productivity gains and cost savings for each of our clients, regardless of their industry.

We got mission & vision for our nation and our customer.


IT Sheba 24 Dot Com, we develop innovative and creative products and services that provide total information technology solutions. As a leader in technology exploring, IT Sheba 24 Dot Com is committed to exporting quality software worldwide. Customer satisfaction, transparency and corporate responsibility are the pillars of our mission.


To envision, design and construct the most magnificent software development services, to contribute tangibly in overall sources of our customers. Reach the highest level of our customer’s satisfaction and build long-term relationships with our clients. Achieve the best level of excellence and differentiation in implementing IT projects.