5, Dec 2022
How to Use Video Content to Boost Social Media Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best ways to promote your products or services. Video content is a very important part of content marketing. It is very helpful to get traffic and generate leads. In this article, we talked about how to use video content to boost social media marketing.

Nowadays, there are many digital marketing strategies that you can try to make your products or services stand out among other competitors.

Video marketing has become one of the most effective ways to promote your business through social media. According to Hubspot research, 50% of people prefer to see a product when it’s featured in video content over other content.

Ensure to create engaging video content to encourage consumers to make purchasing decisions faster. For that, it is crucial for you to make video marketing with careful preparation, starting with ideas, target audiences, and, most importantly, posting them on social media.

However, you should also note that each social media channel has its characteristics to achieve optimal video campaigns.

Therefore, knowing the strategy of social media marketing is necessary. Here are the seven best ways to use video content to boost your social media marketing!

1. Post Product Videos That Will Urge People to Buy

Posting engaging social media content will undoubtedly influence someone to follow your brand account or be curious about the products or services you sell.

So instead of just showing product photos, you can start creating product video content offering your products’ benefits. You can also take a closer look at the product picture or highlight its benefits with an aesthetic appearance.

A compelling appearance also helps your video content as an alternative to advertising through boost posts so your content can reach a wider audience. Hence, posting product videos on your social media account will urge people to buy.

2. Create Explainer Video for Your Audience

If your business offers a service or product that buyers can’t immediately understand, then you can explain the function and how the product works through this explainer video. Explainer videos aim to provide comprehensive information about your products or services.

You can also upload this video on your homepage or landing page to give web visitors more insight into your product. Explainer videos usually show a problem at the beginning; the product can go into the next section as a solution.

To make exciting explanation videos, you can use animations and illustrations. These are also commonly known as animated explainer videos.

So, posting an explainer video on your social media platforms will help your audience understand your product’s complex concept in a fun way.

3. Build YouTube Channel with Curated Videos

Curated content is selecting content obtained from various sources and distributing it to the audience with the desired tone and value. It can be a great strategy to build your YouTube channel as an effort to boost your social media marketing.

Keep doing lots of research and learn to provide quality and relevant content. Currently, curated content is quite popular among people because the information age will require people to manage, organize and share information with others more efficiently.

Audiences will give a business impression from what they see. So, you must consider what site visitors want about the business you run.

Curated content can be one of the determining factors in a campaign so that the audience can recognize that you are an expert in the field.

4. Use Social Media Video as a Customer Service Channel

These days, most people use social media to find information about the products or services of a business. More than 67% of consumers use social media for customer service.

They expect a fast response, 24-hour service support, and a company that can provide solutions. Thus, you can harness the power of video on your social media to connect with your existing and potential customers.

You may be wondering, How do you leverage video for customer service?

You can create video content equivalent to advertising and customer service through your YouTube channel and share it across your social media platforms. It can provide a good experience for your loyal customers and viewers.

5. Engage Instagram and TikTok Users with Short Videos

Another best way to use video content is to create short videos. It is because short videos no longer than 10-15 seconds have become a popular type of content over the internet. You can use them effectively in Instagram and TikTok marketing campaigns. 

Instagram and TikTok are the two best platforms for short videos because it offers features, specifically for short videos, like Instagram story, reels, TikTok video post, etc. Thus, it has become a trend on social media, especially on Instagram and TikTok.

That’s why it is essential to create your short videos as social media marketing to help your business stand out and reach wider audiences than longer videos.

6. Embed Videos from Social Media Platforms

Embedding your social media videos on your web pages can be an excellent way to drive more traffic and enhance branding. You can embed videos from all social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc.

Moreover, Google looks for pages where visitors spend a decent amount of time. Time on location is critical. If you embed the video correctly, you go from a few seconds to a few minutes while your visitors are watching your video.

The video-powered website upgrades add up to higher rankings and more visitors to your site. Thus, it can also be a great way to direct visitors to your website on your social media platforms. That way, your social media campaign will succeed.

7. Create Customer Video Testimonials

Social media is not only a means of self-expression by displaying pictures of oneself on personal accounts, but the use of social media has also begun to shift as a medium to promote business’ products and services.

Many business brands use social media as an effective promotional tool with various features for business accounts to advertise products or services.

Moreover, just presenting a product demo video would not be enough. You will also need to include product review videos to convince and gain their trust in your business. It can help new consumers to your social media accounts but still not trust the products you sell.

So including testimonial content will help consumers increase product trust through reviews obtained from other buyers who have used your product or service.